Adams and Reese’s offices are located in several states where agriculture is a vibrant part of the local economy.  Our agricultural work includes both an Agriculture and Food Law emphasis and an Agricultural Chemicals practice.  Provided below is a summary of our experience in each area.

Agriculture and Food Law

Our attorneys represent varied stakeholders in many areas of agriculture.  We know agriculture and food law, and we work collaboratively with clients to achieve their goals.

Our Attorneys

Our Agriculture and Food Law Team offers a cross-section of practices to address your business, environmental, regulatory and labor needs.  Our attorneys are actively involved with many issues affecting agriculture and food law and provide advice and counsel, negotiate and draft transactional and other business documents, work with environmental advisors and regulators, and resolve disputes.

Core Practice and Clients

Our Agriculture and Food Team represents and advises trade associations, individual and company farmers, ranchers and producers, production facilities, cooperatives, lenders, equipment manufacturers, public and private landowners, and regulatory agencies.  Our attorneys have substantial experience in the following areas:

Transactions: providing ongoing counsel for business organization, land acquisitions and sales and the sale and purchase of seed, crops and livestock, acquisition and sales of production facilities, financing of agricultural transactions and operations, insolvency advice, options, farm and hunting leases, agricultural incentives and programs, title insurance services, advising state agricultural agencies on public/private partnerships.

Regulatory Issues:  interpreting current law and policy trends for agricultural and food legal issues including wetlands, conservation easements, water resources, agricultural programs, migrant and seasonal worker issues, immigration questions and visas, zoning, food and drug regulations, environmental issues, zoning and sustainable agriculture and food production.

Business Advisory:  providing counsel concerning agricultural leases and land management such as leases with tenants and contracts with vendors and suppliers and consultants; endangered species consultation, estate planning and business succession, tax, oil and gas development and surface use agreements; wildlife management issues, endangered species consultation, real and personal property tax assessment advice and Perishable Ag Commodities Act advice.

Dispute Resolution: using all tools in negotiation, arbitration, mediation or litigation for conflicts in transactions, regulatory issues and management and business services. We also represent clients in traditional agricultural disputes involving eminent domain, labor and employment, chemical application and use, interpretation of purchaser’s contracts and specifications, agricultural practices and leases issues, among others.

Representative Agriculture and Food Law matters and projects:

  • Reviewed leasehold and ownership regulatory compliance issues for an agricultural investor owning or leasing properties in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.
  • Assisted a trade association with research and analysis concerning the Waters of the United States Rule under the Clean Water Act including exemptions for normal farming activities.
  • Advised cattle farmer as to the disposition of cattle subject to contracts for sale when the purchasing entity was placed in receivership.
  • Advised clients in the purchase and sale of horses and interests in horses and equestrian operations.
  • Assisted with sales, financing and production agreements for Florida citrus groves.
  • Assisted with defending investigation of labor complaints concerning berry growers.
  • Defended an agricultural equipment manufacturer in a franchise dispute.
  • Advised families on the voluntary partition of jointly held agricultural lands.
  • Represented a lender on a $150 million line of credit for peanut operations.
  • Advised a senior lender with a credit facility pertaining to post petition crop loans and lien perfection.

Collaborating with attorneys in other states, Adams and Reese's Agriculture and Food Team offers a collaborative national approach to current and emerging agriculture, food and environmental issues. Utilizing innovative technology, we seek prompt, efficient and cost-effective solutions for your business interests.

Agricultural Chemicals


The lawyers in our Agricultural Chemicals Practice have resolved a variety of claims for our clients, from high-profile class action suits where it was alleged that contamination had occurred, to contract disputes. We work on a daily basis with cutting edge scientific and medical issues, translating them into plain speech and presenting them to juries and to other non-specialists. For over 25 years, we have represented national and international businesses, helping them avoid litigation and risks and working with them to achieve favorable outcomes.

Our Attorneys

Our attorneys frequently instruct CLE courses, hold degrees in various scientific fields, and serve at area colleges and universities.  We represent chemical corporations and other companies in significant litigation matters in jurisdictions throughout the United States, including before the U.S. Courts of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. Our attorneys have litigated high profile and multi-million dollar cases, including class action and multi-district litigation. We also work closely with our firm’s Governmental Relations team of lobbyists and advisors. 

Core Practice and Clients

We work with many of our clients over years or decades, both representing them in cases and advising them about how to avoid litigation. We do this through:

Pre-Trial Preparation: including dismissals and settlement negotiations. We work with our clients to reach the resolution that works best for their business needs.

Litigation: including class action and complex litigation. When we appear before a jury, we want to know our clients’ products as well as any expert. We have a track record of success, working closely as a team with your in-house counsel and scientists to develop your case while being respectful of their work schedules. We make sure that our presentations are understandable and effective.

Business Counsel: where possible helping you avoid risk and limit the potential for litigation. We value long-term relationships with our clients and respect their deadlines and internal needs. We get to know our clients and we’re there when you call.

Representative Agricultural Chemical matters:

  • Successful in having the court dismiss an alleged national class action lawsuit claiming significant damages arising from an herbicide, which allegedly caused national drinking water contamination.
  • Successful in having hundreds of claims voluntarily dismissed in a case of alleged exposure to ammonia release from a plant.
  • Argued a case dealing with significant removal issues pertaining to the All Writs Act before the United States Supreme Court.
  • Successfully defended a claim in an alleged national class action lawsuit that an herbicide allegedly caused a variety of occupationally related cancers and other serious health problems.
  • Successfully defended litigation brought in two states by a number of individuals who asserted that our client’s product caused them to develop prostate cancer.