The Adams and Reese Antitrust and Unfair Competition Team has successfully represented business clients in complex antitrust matters throughout the United States, and we have compiled a remarkable record of outstanding and innovative success by resolving antitrust claims through summary disposition, at trial and on appeal. Our team of attorneys counsels on merger, joint venture and distribution issues and works with businesses to understand their operations — forestalling any actions that could violate the law.

We have defended clients in matters dealing with monopolistic practices, attempts to monopolize and conspiracies in restraint of trade. We also defend claims of anticompetitive mergers and acquisitions, franchise agreements, state action immunity and non-competition agreements.

Our Attorneys

Our accomplishments cover the spectrum of antitrust and competition work, including protection and enforcement of patents and trademarks. Members of our team are active on the American Bar Association’s RICO group. We work with privately held and publicly traded companies on the regional and national level.

Core Practice and Clients

Our clients participate in a broad range of industries: financial services, health care, manufacturing, public entities, shipping, technology, telecommunications and trade associations. Our practice areas include:

General Counsel: including mergers and acquisitions in various market sectors, product distribution, competitive market analysis and fair competition practices.

Complex Litigation: representing claimants in antitrust litigation and developing and presenting expert testimony on difficult economic, accounting and technology issues that can be critical to a successful outcome. Adams and Reese also defends clients in wrongful termination suits and claims of unfair competition, price fixing, boycott and monopolization.

Trade Secrets: advising on intellectual property and other strategies to protect proprietary business information and the knowledge and skills that are valuable corporate assets.

Representative experience:

  • Advised major health care provider and its hospitals on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and competitive marketing analysis.
  • Advised major health insurance provider on competitive market analysis and negotiating with other providers.
  • Advised world-leading agricultural business on product distribution, competitive market analysis and fair competition.
  • Defended multi-national, health care manufacturer in litigation regarding monochloroacetic acid price fixing conspiracy among competitors.
  • Defended multiple public city organizations against plaintiff’s claims of monopolization, misuse of an essential facility, tying and unfair competition.
  • Provided antitrust counseling and advice to major soda distributor relating to product distribution, competitive market analysis and fair competition.
  • Represented plaintiff in a multidistrict, class action catfish antitrust litigation case seeking recovery for industry’s wrongful price fixing scheme.

A top priority at Adams and Reese is to educate clients and prepare them well to answer to their board, CEO or other authorities about business decisions. When clients call us with a challenge, we give them a menu of choices and design recommendations to help them achieve their objectives without issue.