Good trial skills and good appellate skills rarely exist within the same attorney, that’s why Adams and Reese offers a separate Appellate Team — to emphasize our firm’s skill with appellate work and substantially improve the likelihood of success for clients on appeal.

For the past 15 years, our appellate advocates have briefed and argued many cases in federal and state appellate courts, both where we tried the case and where our work began with the appeal. We have profiles on appeals courts throughout the Gulf South region. In each jurisdiction, we have collected exemplary pleadings, including briefs, writ applications and motions. We leverage our attorneys’ past experience and knowledge of certain appellate and trial judges. We stay current on local rules and customs for each jurisdiction.

Our Attorneys

Our Appellate Team gives a fresh and objective viewpoint in the appeals process. We are called on to critique a brief that is already drafted and write briefs from a fresh viewpoint. Some of our appellate lawyers have served as law clerks to federal and state appellate judges. Accordingly, they all understand the profound importance of concise, compelling brief writing. Their perspective enables them to know what persuades appellate courts and what makes an effective oral argument.

Members of our team have contributed to “A Defense Lawyer’s Guide to Appellate Practice” and also serve in leadership roles in the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Appellate Section. Several teach university courses in legal matters.

Core Practice and Clients

We serve a broad spectrum of industries including communication, insurance, oil and gas, manufacturing and government and public bodies. Our key areas of practice include:

Pre-trial Work: developing legal theories and strategies at the beginning of a lawsuit, preparing and responding to dispositive motions at the pre-trial stage.

Preserve Error and Support Motions: advocating to exclude or admit evidence during trial.

Post-verdict: handling post-verdict motions and consulting on petitions for certiorari.

Appellate: writing persuasive, concise briefs, presenting oral arguments, prosecuting appeals from administrative agencies and representing amici curiae

In every appeal, Adams and Reese works to craft a presentation of the legal and factual issues in a way that resonates most deeply with the mindset of an appellate court. This includes selecting which issues go on appeal, reviewing the trial court record through the eyes of appellate counsel, crafting a brief that is superbly written and then, when there is oral argument, presenting a highly effective and polished legal argument.