The Adams and Reese Alternative Dispute Resolution Team brings a strong history of problem solving and litigation experience to both sides of a dispute. In civil cases, we handle worker’s compensation; complex medical issues such as medical malpractice and wrongful death; stockholder derivate and minority shareholder matters; class action with consumer law violation; product liability and personal injury, among others.

We respect a client’s reasons for avoiding the expense or publicity that comes with litigation. Our experience with court mandates and judicial environments that encourage ADR also help us to guide a client toward other means of successful resolution.

Our Attorneys

Our team is comprised of former judges, experienced arbitrators, mediators and litigators. We are skilled in preliminary analysis to help clients determine cases better suited to ADR. Thorough discovery is balanced by a reasonable prediction of cost and time to present our recommendations.

Core Practice and Clients

Serving clients primarily in corporate or disputed estate matters, our practice areas include:

Preliminary Analysis: reviewing cases and offering opinions about those most suited to mediation or arbitration.

Mediation: serving as a neutral third-party and working to help the parties voluntarily settle their differences. The process is by definition, non-binding, which means that parties have little to lose by trying it first.

Arbitration: serving as a single arbitrator or part of a panel of three arbitrators and rendering a decision that is binding. Arbitration is similar to a non-jury trial, except that it often requires less pre-trial work than litigation.

Representative matters:

  • Mediating a case between two former friends and business partners, in which one alleged the other was violating a non-compete agreement and trying to steal business. In mediation they settled the case to their mutual profit.
  • Mediated three separate cases involving class actions in the consumer law field where the settlement involved significant benefits to class members.

We endeavor to be candid about the strengths and weaknesses we see in a case, and we always preserve the highest level of confidentiality. Our mediators are lawyers with experience on both sides of cases. We bring a well-rounded perspective and adhere to the integrity of the mediation and arbitration process with every case.