Even the most divisive and complex litigation does not have to lead to “bet the ranch” tactics. Adams and Reese offers an alternative — a team of seasoned litigators who draw from a variety of in-house practices and subspecialties to quickly evaluate the risks associated with every claim and cause of action. Our experience as national counsel, expert testimony in class actions, as well as membership on numerous attorney liaison committees gives us a broader perspective. We understand the present landscape of complex litigations, wherein nationally associated law firms are funding and pursuing lawsuits against industries rather than just individual companies.

With offices in Texas, across the Gulf South to Florida and up the east coast to Washington, DC, Adams and Reese also offers a local and regional focus with knowledge of peer counsel, judges and courts within our footprint. This can prove critical when determining strategy for each litigation, whether to file dispositive motions, continue to litigate, work toward settlement or proceed to trial. Our ability to mobilize a team quickly is another key reason for our success in class action over the last two decades.

Our Attorneys

Adams and Reese is known by peers and our clients as a top-tier, aggressive but always professional team of lawyers who can achieve a successful resolution. Our diversity of in-house skills includes products and premises liability, pharmaceutical, agricultural, education, securities, banking, healthcare, labor and employment, IP, environmental and toxic tort, corporate litigation, consumer and fraud litigation and even tax law.

Working extensively at local, state and federal levels in advocacy and governmental relations — including election and appointment to public offices and committees — adds to our attorneys’ broader understanding of the impact that judicial decisions can have on public policy and funding issues. This prudent review of options before going to trial supports your case as well as your industry.

Core Practice and Clients

Defending small companies to Fortune 50 companies as well as public and not-for-profit institutions, Adams and Reese provides counsel and representation in the following areas:

Engagement and Discovery: determining whether an efficient resolution can be obtained through negotiation and summary judgment prior to incurring significant time and expense in discovery. We also have access to significant resources to facilitate complex discovery requests and quickly conduct and interpret the results of our own discovery process.

Complex Litigation: coordinating oversight and consistency for multi-district or other similar complex matters.

Class Actions: determining the players and interpreting the legal and financial claims, causes of action and facts.

By choosing Adams and Reese, you gain more than experienced litigators. You are supported by a highly flexible whole-firm focus on the facts and requirements of your case. Reduce the head count of experts, potential cost and time by contacting us today.