Whether you are giving away a dream home or a trip around the world, Adams and Reese attorneys understand domestic and international sweepstakes compliance issues as well as the potential marketing value of these promotional tools. Our experience includes advocacy for voluntary compliance transparency to improve relations between private business and those who govern promotions.

After first identifying your promotional program goals, our attorneys can counsel you on the appropriate vehicle and efficiently draft tailored rules to comply with multi-state or multinational laws. Adams and Reese strives to provide comprehensive services with clearly defined legal fees. From promotion design and implementation to compliance, documentation and follow-up with winners, Adams and Reese is a trusted partner for the legal aspects of creative marketing.

Our Attorneys

Adams and Reese attorneys have experience that includes more than 15 years in sports and trademark licensing, representation of multinational media outlets and the drafting of more than 500 sweepstakes and contests. Our attorneys have vast experience in related practice areas including intellectual property, creditor’s rights, bankruptcy, business litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Clients include multi-media organizations, restaurants, hospitality providers, and food and consumer product retailers, among others.

Core Practice

Adams and Reese advises on a variety of contests and sweepstakes promotional vehicles, including one-time give-away promotions, product and service giveaways, travel and tourism promotions, and sports and entertainment programs. Their core practice includes, but is not limited to:

Development: feasibility analysis and advice that identifies appropriate vehicles for promotional goals and marketing costs/benefits.

Compliance: review of all advertising and sweepstakes components, registration with state and national agencies, follow-up correspondence with winners for eligibility, liability and tax documentation.

Litigation: including pre-litigation and alternative dispute resolution for disputes with state or national authorities as well as winners.

Ultimately, with Adams and Reese you can focus on collecting critical market data and achieving clear promotional goals while avoiding potential civil or criminal penalties for noncompliance.