Worldwide copyright protection is a principal focus of our practice. In addition to registering copyright claims and enforcing rights in various forms of media, our attorneys are pioneers in the significant new copyright challenges presented by the digital revolution. Our copyright clients include the music recording and publishing industries, new media companies, fashion, software companies, and literary works, among others.

We recognize that companies in the content, media and entertainment areas need broad strategies to protect their works, leverage their creations and protect that content from piracy and other threats. We provide our clients with clever, strategic advice on unique issues, protect prized copyrighted works, and provide extensive experience advising clients concerning the extent of copyright protection and fair use, and build and negotiate transactions for the commercialization of copyrighted work.

We advise major companies on national and international copyright exploitation and protection projects, as well as rights clearance. We have broad experience in dealing with complex questions on collective rights management, negotiating with collecting societies and advising on copyright levies.

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