Rapid technological change drives the digital economy and our team has been there from the start. We advised the earliest “legal” download sites, including one of the world’s largest, as well as many of the rights holders who provided content to those pioneering digital platforms. Our team continues to provide leading edge advice on all aspects of digital business, including Internet and E-Commerce, Privacy and Data Protection, and Domain Names.

Internet and E-Commerce

Online interaction, purchasing and social media are an increasingly important part of business, and Adams and Reese has been involved in this sector from its inception.

We provide a broad range of legal services to help build and protect online businesses, including counsel on intellectual property, business development and communications, terms of use, and website agreements. Our cross-disciplinary team of Internet and e-commerce lawyers has a proven track record advising on all aspects of B2B and B2C, including financing, site development, Privacy and Data ProtectionPatent and Copyright, regulatory and competition, tax matters, and commercial contracts. We also protect your brands, reputation, content, proprietary technology, and technical infrastructure from threats such as cybersquatting, infringement, Counterfeiting, and security breaches.

Domain Names

With thousands of domain names under direct management, and with responsibility for protection of rights in relation to thousands more, our team is knowledgeable and proficient in all areas of domain name practice, including building portfolios, detecting infringing domain names, UDRP, ACPA, and similar proceedings to recover domain names, and keeping clients abreast of new developments that may impact their businesses. Adams and Reese has never been defeated in a UDRP case.

We are able to draw up a list of gTLD and ccTLD strings most likely to be used by cyber- and typo-squatters, based on local linguistics, as well as the domains that are most dangerous, either because they are outside the reach of UDRP proceedings, or because they are most likely to host a “slam” site. We then recommend a reasonable defensive portfolio.

In addition to acquisition, maintenance and enforcement of rights in domain names, we advise our clients in closely related fields such as building and protecting brand equity, Internet and E-Commerce, Privacy and Data Protection, Global Franchising and DistributionPatent and Copyright, and Anti-Counterfeiting.