The Adams and Reese Directors and Officers/Professional Liability Team brings a wealth of senior litigation experience in handling a wide variety of Directors and Officers and other liability matters in a variety of industries and state and federal courts. Utilizing our substantial regional resources, our team can staff each matter in a way that achieves the most efficient and successful resolution for you.

Providing guidance and persuasive evaluations, Adams and Reese can assist you in limiting liability exposure of shareholders and owners. Working with you to design reasonable business protections, we highlight the legal issues and keep you aware of your level of risk. In the event of a lawsuit or other dispute, Adams and Reese defends clients with a team specifically focused on business litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution or appellate work.

Our Attorneys

Across the south central United States, we have an attorney in each of our offices who focuses on Directors and Officers. Through our deep experience with business issues that can lead to litigation and liability matters, our team can help you develop an awareness of financial, professional, ownership and contractual risks that accompany the roles of shareholders, boards and their leadership, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers and professional and technical advisors.

Drawing from related practice areas within Adams and Reese, your matter or case benefits from our experience in banking and financial services, insurance, Intellectual Property, premises and product liability, corporate law and complex litigation and class action, to name a few.

Core Practice and Clients

Issues that we frequently represent include corporate shareholder and creditor litigation, accounting firm and accountant liability, financial advisor litigation and arbitration, financial institution litigation, legal malpractice litigation, insurance broker and agent liability and engineer liability. Our core services include:

Fiduciary Claims: defending officers and directors of publicly traded and private companies against claims including negligence, self-dealing and breach of fiduciary duty.

Fraud and Negligence: including claims of intentionally misrepresenting financial statements.

Shareholder Agreements: drafting agreements to mitigate risk and analyzing the liabilities associated with an existing agreement.

Breach of Contract: defending owners, boards and management, developers, professionals and others against issues and claims related to contractual interpretations and loopholes.

Personal Liability: advising and defending clients regarding indemnity, malpractice or other threats to their personal assets and reputation.

Representative Matters

  • Defended officers and directors of a privately-held medical device company in federal court against claims by investors alleging fraudulent inducement, negligence, misrepresentations and stock fraud.
  • Defended a bank and one of its officers in a lawsuit alleging negligence and seeking a declaratory judgment and damages related to loan secured by real property.
  • Defended officers and directors of health care plans located in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas against fraud, misrepresentation, and negligence claims brought by specially appointed receivers in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas that sought millions of dollars in damages arising out of the failure of health care plans.
  • Defended officers and directors of a technology company against multi-million dollar damages claims for fraudulent inducement, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and fraudulent concealment by minority shareholders and investors of another technology company.
  • Defended a corporate registered investment advisor and its individual officers and directors against claims by a client for federal and state securities fraud, deceptive acts and breach of contract for alleging unsuitable investments. The case was tried in federal court in Houston and resulted in a take nothing judgment in favor of the defendants.

Adams and Reese appreciates the difference between the legal and business landscapes and frequently works in both. We build a foundation of trust and communication that is important in all our relationships, but particularly crucial when a client is personally named in a suit. Contact us to discuss your liability issue, so that we can help you focus on business.