The Adams and Reese Film Practice represents producers, directors, screenwriters and providers of ancillary services to the film and digital entertainment industry. We assist clients with the development of their projects, from film, television or video productions to infrastructure projects. By looking at projects through a legal prism, we identify business opportunities and potential litigation exposures. The comprehensive breadth of services provided by Adams and Reese: corporate, tax credits, governmental, labor and employment, intellectual property, trademark and litigation experience, allows us to provide our clients with both a logical and efficient means of securing their legal services.

Often we assist as a grounding element that works throughout the development process to keep you on track to attain your ultimate goal – the successful completion of your project – while helping to avoid the distractions that can impede your success.

Our Attorneys

For the past 20 years, our attorneys have been actively involved in the development of the film and digital entertainment industry in Louisiana, the third most popular site for film in the United States. Members of our team have actively participated in everything from the legislative process that spawned the accelerated growth of the industry, to assisting in the development of numerous infrastructure projects throughout the state, to completion of a wide array of successful productions.

Core Practice and Clients

The Adams and Reese Film Practice Team can address any legal issue arising from the business of film creation and production. We frequently provide services to clients in these areas:

Contracts: navigating the contractual relationships that form and underlie all business dealings, from intellectual property to production agreements and distribution agreements.

Dispute Resolution: opening the way to your goals, from clearing up a cloud to the title to the rights associated with a story or screenplay, to assisting in the resolution of internal and external labor disputes.

Local, Regional and State Governmental Relations: depending on the nature of your development or production, governmental relations counsel assists in resolving disputes before they deteriorate into litigation, and we also identify state incentive programs that may not be otherwise readily apparent.

Litigation: representing parties in contract disputes, as well as declaratory judgments regarding the interpretation of legislation, including experience with cases dealing with infrastructure tax credits that not only benefited our clients but also brought millions of dollars of investments into the state.

Tax credits: including the drafting of tax credit legislation and compliance counsel for clients. We have also worked at the state level to help draft tax credit legislation and frequently counsel clients on how to properly comply with the tax credit laws that apply to the film and digital entertainment industry. In 2002, the Louisiana Motion Picture Incentive Act was passed, granting state tax credits to companies who produce films, TV shows and video productions in Louisiana. The act allows motion picture producers to earn tax credits on the amount of money they spend on the film in Louisiana, and these credits can be sold to Louisiana taxpayers to offset their Louisiana income tax liability. This “win-win incentive package” brings jobs to the state, gives a huge value to the movie producers and also gives a break to Louisiana taxpayers who purchase the credits.

Adams and Reese was retained to handle the first two movie projects under the legislation that was drafted in 2002.” These movies were “Ray”, produced by Crusader Entertainment and “Runaway Jury”, produced by New Regency. Because no one had ever before created movie tax credits, our team had to work with the Department of Revenue and with the Governor’s Office of Film and Television to create the process which is now the model used by all producers for certifying movie tax credits. Since that time, our firm has handled numerous movie projects for such clients as 20th Century Fox, New Regency, Warner Bros., Searchlight and FOX Television.

We provide whatever legal assistance the production company may need, spanning from legal contracts to tax incentives to labor and employment issues. Our firm has handled tax credit work for “Ocean’s Thirteen”, “Make It Happen”, “Mad Cowboys”, and a FOX Television movie “Racing For Time”.

We offer the background, knowledge and depth of experience about our region and all aspects of what might be encountered in film creation and production in the southern United States.