For nearly two decades, Adams and Reese has represented some of the leading companies in the hotel, restaurant and hospitality industries. Our clients include international hotel chains, individual hotel operators, hotel franchisees and franchisors, regional and national restaurant chains, and other hospitality companies. Our team of attorneys is well-positioned to represent hotel and restaurant companies in a number of markets and jurisdictions. 


Our Attorneys


Our attorneys understand the various state-to-state requirements and the overriding federal statutes, and they have substantial experience in helping hotels, restaurants and hospitality companies meet these challenges. From transactions to litigation, labor and employment, and licensing concerns for business owners in the hospitality industry, our attorneys understand the complex and diverse practice areas and workplace issues in which hospitality companies are often confronted. Provided below are our areas of practice:


Transactions: Our attorneys represent regional and national chains on projects involving site selection, real estate acquisitions, zoning variances, financing, leasing, the drafting and review of contracts, regulatory issues and tax matters.


Litigation: Our attorneys advise and defends hotel chains and restaurant chains in various commercial matters, including disputes involving personal injury claims stemming from accidents on properties. Our attorneys have logged many hours in courtrooms at the local, state and federal levels. We have a strong working knowledge of the processes and judges as well as the style of opposing counsel. We also have substantial experience representing companies in arbitrations and in mediations.


Labor and Employment: Members of our Hospitality Team represent, advise and defend several hotel and restaurant chains in labor matters and in breach of contract disputes. In addition, our attorneys represent hospitality companies on collective bargaining issues with the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union (HERE), and they have had numerous dealings with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in non-hotel settings. Our clients in these areas include regional, national and international chains.


Licensing: Our attorneys assist hotel companies and restaurant chains with state and federal licensing and regulatory issues. Our attorneys are members of several key industry and regulatory associations, including the Academy of Hospitality Attorneys, the National Association of Licensing and Compliance Professionals (NALCP) and National Conference of State Liquor Administrators (NCSLA). Adams and Reese has built respected relationships within the licensing arena, and our attorneys serve as a trusted advisors for regulatory and zoning issues.


Adams and Reese attorneys keep clients updated on the latest changes and regulations within the hospitality industry to ensure hotels, restaurants and other hospitality companies, experience the least amount of impact and change, and can make the necessary adjustments in advance. Through our two decades of experience and breadth of diverse practice area experience within the hospitality industry, Adams and Reese attorneys provide strategies and proactive solutions to identify and meet the specific needs of our clients.