Adams and Reese’s Casualty and Coverage practice has a reputation for providing quality litigation services that can be traced to its origin as an insurance defense firm. Many of the firm’s most experienced trial lawyers still handle casualty and insurance cases. Today, we act as strategic advisors to insurance providers and self-insured clients. Our goals are to avoid litigation where possible, implement alternative dispute (ADR) measures when feasible, settle cases upon economic grounds if appropriate, and mount a vigorous defense where required. 

We start by listening to our clients, and we formulate our dispute strategy from their feedback. We determine the value of each piece of litigation and assess its significance in the overall scheme of the client’s business. We then determine how best to cost-effectively staff the matter and what role technology will play in helping us achieve the best results possible. This commitment has built a strong and lasting relationship between Adams and Reese and our clients.

Our Attorneys

The members of the Casualty and Coverage Team practice in all areas of casualty and commercial insurance coverage including professional liability, commercial general liability, officers and directors, property and personal injury for a wide variety of insurance companies.  From the first notice of claim and through the entire litigation process we will assist both the insured and the carrier, whether it be in the pre-suit investigation, litigation or appeal stage.

Our team includes a former commissioner of insurance and attorneys who have served as in-house counsel for insurers.  Our regional footprint allows us to mobilize people quickly who know the local and state environment, the latest regulatory requirements and the proper defense, ADR or appellate strategies to move toward a successful resolution.

Core Practice and Clients

The Adams and Reese Casualty and Coverage Team supports both insurer-driven, (cases assigned by an insurer, adjusting firm or TPA), or insured-directed, (cases assigned by an insured with a self-insured retention or with the right to select counsel) legal matters. Our core practice includes:

Bad Faith and Business Tort Defense: defending lending institutions, finance and insurance companies regarding all manner of business tort claims, including but not limited to fraud in the inducement, misrepresentation, fair debt collection claims as well as failure to adjust and/or pay and bad faith claims.

Claim Management Claims: representing all manner of claims management companies against claims seeking recovery for negligent claims handling, bad faith failure to investigate and pay, misappropriation or fraud related to handling of claims.

Casualty Litigation: defending companies and individuals who are sued over a wide variety of tort claims ranging from slip/trip and fall claims for defective premises, negligent maintenance, failure to warn, negligent hiring, supervision and entrustment claims, construction defect claims against contractors, subcontractors, material men and suppliers as well as product liability claims for negligent design, manufacture, distribution, sale claims including failure to warn, instruct and recall claims.

Professional Liability: representing professionals including attorneys, doctors, nurses, health care practitioners, architects, engineers, accountants, and directors and officers of corporations from claims of professional negligence and  malpractice, breach of duty, contract or malfeasance including fraud, tort and contract matters.

Coverage Issues: representing insurance companies and their representatives by providing coverage opinions, pursuing coverage declaratory relief as well as defending first and third party bad faith failure to pay, investigate or settle claims. 

Representative Matters:

  • Defended manufacturers and retailers in local and nationwide litigation involving claims of product defects, ranging from design to manufacture to label and warning claims on all manner of products. These include but are not limited to recreational, medical, aviation, marine, automotive, consumer products, food and drug.
  • Defended companies in claims involving director and officer liability coverage ranging from negligence in supervision and hiring to malfeasance in job performance.
  • Defended claims in the automotive, trucking, rail, aviation and other transportation industries for insurance claims related to negligent and intentional acts.
  • Defended professionals in coverage related to negligence and malpractice or professional liability claims.  

All of the attorneys in our Casualty and Coverage practice are aggressive advocates; we fight for our clients. We are prepared to go to trial with any of our cases if that becomes necessary. We keep you informed and involved in the process of protecting your rights and mitigating your risk.