The Adams and Reese International Law Team represents international concerns with interests in the United States as well as United States companies operating or researching opportunities abroad. Our robust inbound and outbound business experience makes us the right choice for companies doing business of any kind across borders.

Our Attorneys

When you think of international law attorneys, you may think of their linguistic skills as well as knowledge of regulatory and judicial systems across the globe. At Adams and Reese, we do have attorneys who are fluent in Spanish, Russian and French and attorneys who are admitted to practice in the EU and CEE. But we also draw upon our firm’s talent in corporate law, tax, financing, labor and employment, insurance and Intellectual Property, to name a few.

Adams and Reese is uniquely recognized for the depth of our overall international law experience in peer reviewed Super Lawyers® and Best Lawyers®, which is rare among our competition.

The potential costs for noncompliance or brand piracy across international lines are high and can include an inability for well-known companies to operate in certain countries. Adams and Reese not only understands the layers of protection that must be handled step by step before announcing a new market, but also how to resolve existing conflicts before they threaten your growth strategy.

Core Practice and Clients

Many of our international clients operate outside of our firm’s regional United States footprint in major cities such as New York, Seattle, Montreal, London, and Hong Kong. Key industries include automotive, insurance, healthcare, entertainment, publishing, financial services and energy. We also represent a fair number of celebrities who endorse or market products abroad. Our primary areas of practice include:

Risk Assessment: providing targeted and concise risk assessments for proposed new ventures outside the United States, often used by clients in the early stage for Go/No-Go decisions and in pricing a potential transaction.

Transactions: including advisory services and negotiation of contracts, Intellectual Property, due diligence and compliance, registrations, insurance and other protections throughout all phases of business establishment, whether United States entities are looking to establish overseas, or overseas entities are looking to set up in the United States. This includes structuring and transition of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and sales.

Enforcement and Defense:  aggressively protecting the interests of clients in courts and arbitral tribunals throughout the world, including successful outcomes in dozens of proceedings in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Our team includes the top international patent and trademark practitioners in the Firm’s footprint, individuals skilled in cutting edge strategies for maximizing IP revenue across borders and developing global strategies for building value in IP assets.

Representative Matters

  • Provided Intellectual Property and corporate and securities counsel to German automaker for a United State manufacturing facility.
  • Representing celebrities related to endorsement and sale of products and services in major cities around the world, securing Intellectual Property rights to name, likeness and distribution channels and enforcing those rights under local law.
  • Acting as lead counsel in piracy cases to preserve the rights of clients to brand and trade name use online and abroad.
  • Providing e-commerce and privacy compliance for United State corporations launching web sites aimed at consumers in Asia and Europe.
  • Developed cross border licensing program for United State healthcare company selling services and products in Middle East and Europe.
  • Handled United States marketing and trademark issues for largest telecommunications company in Russia.
  • Handled United States marketing and branding issues for one of the largest commercial airlines in Asia.
  • Global branding and rebranding campaigns for numerous United States corporations.
  • Represented all aspects of United States manufacturing facilities and distribution networks for largest corporation in Thailand, including tax incentive financing, Labor and Employment, cross border sales of goods and services, and Intellectual Property.
  • Developed global franchise program for largest provider of language instruction services in the world.
  • Advising on merger, acquisition, joint venture, licensing, distribution and similar transactions in countries throughout Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East.
  • Represented a Chinese hybrid automaker in all aspects of United States project.
  • Handled all aspects of de novo market entries for U.S. corporations in emerging markets such as CEE, Brazil, India, Southeast Asia.

Before you get too far down the road exploring your commercial options in the United States or another country, consult with Adams and Reese. We’ll help you avoid the many possible pitfalls and enjoy the rewards of global trade.