Managing the employee equation and mitigating risk are among the goals of every Labor and Employment attorney at Adams and Reese. Managers and executives seek our advice in advance of significant employment decisions or legislative and policy changes. They rely on us for proven counsel regarding such matters as employee claims, union and non-union issues, safety, benefits and compliance.

Our experience in the defense of a variety of employment, class action and labor claims is among the most extensive in the southeast region. Lawyers on the team are located across the southern United States and possess knowledge of the local labor and employment culture. If you need preventative training, counsel and updates that support compliance and positive employee relations, Adams and Reese can address your needs.

Our Attorneys

We have attorneys admitted to practice at all levels of state, federal and appellate courts, and team members have argued and advocated before the EEOC, the OFCCP, the NLRB, OSHA, the DOL Wage-Hour Administration, as well as various state and local workplace agencies.

They possess special knowledge of human resources requirements, union and non-union structures and the critical labor policies surrounding compensation, hiring, termination, retention, immigration and mergers and acquisitions.

Core Practice and Clients

Clients can count on our labor and employment experience in such industries as hospitality, transportation, health care, IP, entertainment, banking, education, energy and maritime. The team has experience representing clients on a wide range of issues, including:

Regulatory Representation: navigating through the myriad and often changing rules and regulations about job discrimination, union avoidance, overtime, family and medical leave, job safety, federal contract compliance, affirmative action and the Davis-Bacon Service Contract Act.

Benefits Design and Compliance: preparation and administration of qualified and nonqualified retirement plans and fringe benefits plans.

Union Negotiation and Disputes: negotiate collective bargaining agreements and represent employers in union grievances, arbitrations and in NLRB unfair labor practice charges.

Litigation and ADR: litigate every imaginable type of labor and employment claim. We go to trial when necessary but also seek alternate dispute resolution when appropriate. We know our clients are not in the business of litigation and we are always mindful of the costs of litigation, financial and otherwise.

The Labor and Employment Team is one of our largest practice areas and as deep in knowledge and tactics as it is seamless to the service of labor and employment needs in multiple states and jurisdictions.