Before we begin any major project for a client, the Adams and Reese Land Use Team strives to understand our clients’ expectations and achieve them through the best strategy possible. From zoning and development approvals to dispute resolution and litigation, we discern ways to proceed that minimize risk and fit with our clients’ business needs.

In addition to working with local government jurisdictions and regulatory agencies, we understand how to create positive outcomes with governmental entities, neighborhood groups and other constituencies that may have a significant impact on the development process. We help our clients understand all elements of a transaction so they know what to expect and how to overcome challenges in a manner that is in harmony with their business objectives.

Our Attorneys

Our team originated in Florida, one of the most heavily regulated states for land use in the nation. In addition to our extensive experience, we’re a highly responsive team. We work beside our clients as an integral part of their development team. We respect their business goals and their budgets, and we’re known for our clarity of communication. Our team also includes a certified member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and a former Chief Assistant County Attorney.

Core Practice and Clients

We work with businesses, individuals and developers through the south central United States. Our core areas of practice include:

Development and Entitlement Approvals: obtaining critical land use approvals, including federal, state, regional, local land use plan amendments and zonings, as well as obtaining approvals for development of regional impacts. Our team can help businesses understand governmental processes and requirements for various jurisdictions and communicate with high-level governmental staff and local officials for timely approvals.

Environmental Approvals: providing counsel on specific environmental requirements, compliance, including but not limited to water management district permit approvals, modifications and compliance.

Zoning: including establishment and maintenance of Community Development Districts, comprehensive zoning plan amendments, alcoholic beverage zoning, development agreements, variances and other zoning matters.

Relocation Agreements: including outdoor advertising and telecommunication tower relocations, to name a few.

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution: defending clients who have obtained approval and are being challenged or have been denied and need to appeal. Clients may choose Alternative Dispute Resolution as being less costly in terms of time or money, while still achieving the client's goals.

Representative Matters

  • Successfully represented a national retirement community that was denied initial approvals.
  • Represented a major national retailer for property and land use approvals in a politically charged environment for 70 sites throughout the state.
  • Defended numerous major retailers’ land use approvals and private property rights.

Our greatest success in the Adams and Reese Land Use team is helping to bring a challenging or complex transaction to completion, and seeing the results of our work and watching client goals come to fruition.