For nearly two decades, Adams and Reese has represented companies in the hotel and hospitality industries, assisting clients on licensing, regulatory, zoning and permitting issues. Our clients include international hotel chains, individual hotel operators, hotel franchisees and franchisors, and restaurants and restaurant franchisees and franchisors. Our team of attorneys is well-positioned to represent hotel and hospitality companies that have properties and operations throughout the South Central United States. 

We handle licensing projects for nearly 10 large hotel international and national hotel chains (and brands) and for over 15 years, we have represented an international hotel corporation on its licensing and technology contracts with its hotel locations. 

In the restaurant industry, we represent many national restaurants and chains and also handle licensing and permitting for convenience stores, drug stores, and pharmacies.

Our team is very familiar with the state Offices of Alcohol and Tobacco Control and with the local Alcoholic Beverage Organizations. We also work with the state and local Departments of Revenue on behalf of our clients who are seeking or have liquor permits. Because we understand the different state to state requirements as well as the overriding federal statutes, Adams and Reese can support the timely opening of hospitality facilities and help you avoid costly violations or license suspensions.

Our Attorneys

We are members in several key industry and regulatory associations, including the Academy of Hospitality Industry Attorneys (AHIA), the National Association of Licensing and Compliance Professionals (NALCP) and National Conference of State Liquor Administrators (NCSLA). Adams and Reese has built respected relationships within the licensing arena and remains informed on regulatory and zoning issues that can impact your project.

Involving our attorneys at the beginning of your project can help you with site selection and timely processing of applications — some of which can take months if there are questions or zoning concerns. Representing a convenience store owner before the local zoning board to coordinating with the legal teams of national restaurant chains are just two examples of our comprehensive approach to this unique practice area.

Core Practice and Clients

Adams and Reese represents restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores, oil marketers/wholesalers, liquor stores, hotels, big box retailers and many other independent or chain sellers of alcohol and tobacco products to the public. Our core practice areas include:

Licensing: applying and maintaining liquor and tobacco licenses according to the current state guidelines.

Transactions: including all aspects of site selection, zoning variances, financing, leasing, contracts and general corporate counsel.

Compliance: assisting with any violations through the governing Alcohol and Tobacco Control Agency, Insurance Commission, Board for Contractors, Board of Pharmacy, Department of Agriculture, Department of Revenue or others.

The primary goal for Adams and Reese is to help you obtain a license in a timely manner and ensure the successful opening and responsible management of alcohol and tobacco sales. Contact us with your application or compliance questions.