The Lawyer Professional Liability Practice at Adams and Reese represents lawyers, law firms, and their insurers in claims by clients and others alleging malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, and other claims.

Lawyers and their firms today face all types of liability claims, both from clients and third parties. Working collaboratively on strategy with firms and individual attorneys, Adams and Reese lawyers handle such matters from first notice of a circumstance that might give rise to a claim, through loss prevention and risk management, and defense of lawsuits and appeals.

We defend actions in state and federal courts, in alternative dispute-resolution venues such as arbitration proceedings, litigation sanctions and disciplinary proceedings. We also serve as expert witnesses in ethics and professional liability hearings and provide personal counsel in negligence actions.

Our attorneys employ thoughtful judgment and discretion when advising lawyers and law firms in these matters. To ensure that claims are addressed and resolved quickly and fairly, we stay current on developments in legal malpractice, including the changing ethics rules in the different jurisdictions in which we practice.

Our Attorneys

The Lawyer Professional Liability Practice draws significant strength and expertise from the attorneys in our Legal Ethics Practice. For more than a decade, members of our Legal Ethics team have been involved in the successful drafting and adoption of lawyer ethics rules, both at the state and national level. Firm lawyers have been substantively involved in all of the most recent revisions of the American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which are now the model for lawyer ethics rules in virtually every U.S. jurisdiction. Through their work in the Tennessee Bar Association, firm lawyers have led the process of revision to ethics rules in Tennessee for over two decades.

Media outlets turn to our attorneys for comment on legal ethics issues, and on both a state and national basis, team members write and speak frequently on professional responsibility.

Core Practice and Clients

Our clients include not only lawyers and law firms, but also businesses and individuals who work with lawyers. Practice areas include:

Ethics and Loss Prevention: advising law firms on ethics issues arising in investigations, lawyer advertising, conflicts of interest, law firm systems, claims by clients and others, and circumstances that might lead to claims.

Malpractice Claims: defending lawyers and law firms in claims by clients and others for malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, and other claims.

Motions to Disqualify Counsel and Sanctions: representing lawyers, their clients and other opposing parties in litigation where courts are considering disqualifying or sanctioning lawyers.

Disciplinary Investigations/Prosecutions: defending lawyers in connection with disciplinary complaints filed with their state bars, as well as representing clients and others who are considering filing or pursuing complaints of misconduct against lawyers.

Advice to Businesses Serving the Legal Market: providing advice and counsel to business owners who serve or deal directly with lawyers and law firms, from litigation funding companies to web-based lawyer-advertising or lawyer-matching services, on regulatory, ethics, and other legal considerations in doing business in the legal services market.

Expert Witness Testimony: serving as consulting and testifying experts in matters concerning legal ethics, professional responsibility, and the standard of care for lawyers and law firms.