The Adams and Reese Utilities Team has served in all facets of the industry, from general counsel for state regulatory agencies to lobbying at state and federal levels. This experience helps us to provide assertive representation of regulated and unregulated utilities within these arenas.

Taking the long view of legislative changes or regulatory rulings, we will take a matter all the way to the federal level of government or through judicial proceedings to fight for a sustainable business climate. Much of our work is to understand the reach of certain regulatory bodies in controlling how a utility concern conducts its business — and then interpreting options for clients under the law.

Our Attorneys

Adams and Reese can represent both public and private utilities as well as regulated and unregulated entities. Our extensive experience with licensing boards and public service commissions, insurance commissions and federal agencies such as OSHA helps our clients avoid problems and also resolve disputes efficiently.

Our attorneys are at the top of their fields in the cable, wireless and local exchange industries. Team members are located primarily in Washington, DC., Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and Louisiana. But we draw from a far broader team of governmental relations attorneys and advisors, litigators and intellectual property and corporate attorneys throughout the southeastern United States.

Core Practice and Clients

From multimedia enterprises to private utility and environmental firms, the utilities team at Adams and Reese advises on corporate as well as local and state regulatory interests. Our core practice includes:

Transactions: drafting of contracts, financing, site selection, licensure and permitting, regulatory procedures and other operational matters.

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution: defending clients against unfavorable legislation, tort, labor and employment and contractual and regulatory disputes. We also have extensive experience in intellectual property protection and enforcement.

Compliance: including full-service counsel for ongoing regulatory proceedings and appeals.

Representative Matters

  • Filing suits at various judicial levels on behalf of clients to obtain restraining orders or injunctions of unconstitutional state requirements.
  • Protecting multi-million dollar state tax exemptions from unlawful taxation at the local level.
  • Challenging unlawful bond procedures for public developments that will compete with client business interests.

With experience as general counsel to public service commissions, service in state government and representation of clients before federal agencies such as the FCC, Adams and Reese has played an integral role in leveling the playing field for traditional and emerging enterprises.