With more than thirty years of combined experience, the Adams and Reese OSHA team assists employers throughout the United States address various workplace health, safety, and security issues. Employers, large and small, in all industry sectors, seek the team’s assistance in proactively addressing the health and safety issues they face before the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) enters the workplace, by both being advised by the team of significant regulatory developments and by being informed of enforcement trends.

As most employers know, OSHA is actively changing and expanding the regulatory framework. Whether subject to oversight by U.S. Department of Labor – OSHA or by a “state plan,” the evolving and expanding regulatory framework impacts virtually every employer and workplace in the country. These changes vary and include everything from an employer’s administrative responsibilities under the Occupational Safety and Health Act to developments in OSHA regulations that have significant impact on how employees will actually execute performance of their work. By keeping our clients engaged and informed of these trends, we successfully assist our clients maintain compliance, which also assists them reduce experience modifiers, lost time incident rates, negative citation history and other statistics that are extremely important in today’s workplace.

Beyond keeping employers informed and up-to-date with OSHA enforcement trends and changing regulations, Adams and Reese’s OSHA team has assisted employers understand the regulations and the impact those regulations have on their workplaces. Clients seek our assistance in ensuring that workplace safety rules comport with OSHA requirements, evaluating the effectiveness of safety programs in the workplace, and performing “inspections,” to determine vulnerabilities in the event of an OSHA inspection. The team also interacts with third-party safety consultants to deliver cost-effective compliance advice and counsel.

The Adams and Reese OSHA team helps clients prepare for OSHA inspections in a number of ways beyond “mock inspections.” In order for an employer to fully prepare for an inspection, the team has found it invaluable for their clients to establish a written procedure that outlines roles and responsibilities for their clients to follow during an inspection. Additionally, and beyond establishing roles and responsibilities for dealing with an inspection, the OSHA team also assists clients rehearse, develop and execute the roles and responsibilities each management team member holds and assists those management team members develop strategies and tactics that assist them execute on the written plan.

Any employer can be subject to an OSHA inspection in the event of an employee complaint, workplace illness, injury, or death, or because of the employer’s industry classification. The Adams and Reese OSHA team regularly assists clients with inspections and dealing with OSHA in the workplace. Whereas many safety professionals believe they are fully capable of handling the inspection on behalf of their employer or client, Adams and Reese’s attorneys are able to do so and to provide a level of confidentiality and privilege to their work product- the content and results of their investigation. Further, as attorneys, Adams and Reese’s OSHA team is better-equipped to deal with the legal maneuvering OSHA may engage in during the inspection process. Throughout their careers, Adams and Reese’s OSHA attorneys have been involved in the investigation into more than 150 fatality or catastrophic workplace incidents and the resultant litigation. The team has successfully litigated many OSHA citations arising from OSHA inspections.